Hello Doctor, I hope you are doing well! This is Evan M. I just wanted to update you and i also have a question. Maybe my experience can help your future patients. So, after I had my first PRP shot from you, my condition improved at around 25%. over time, it got better and better but then, i messed up by wearing sandles and walked a TON on sandles. that hurt my progress. I contacted you again for a PRP session but i decided, for convivence and for avoiding covid travels, to reach out to a local doctor. I got my 2nd PRP shot then. I wasn’t better for a while. After a lot of walking with good shoes, my condition has improved by over 90%! Before, i could not sit. I am writing this to you from a cafe, where i am able to sit on a chair! feels like i got a 2nd chance at normal life! it is amazing! so, it took two shots and a lot of walking to fix my condition. i am not sure which had the most effect but I think it was mostly the PRP and a bit of walking. of course walking probably helped a lot. anyways, just wanted to share my experience because it might help you advice your future patients. before visiting you, i visited a physical therapist that did Manuel tailbone adjustment…that helped a lot the first time. made it more bearable but it did not heal my condition. there was still a pain in the tip of my tailbone. anyways, my question is…now that i am fine…should i get another PRP injection? or just leave it alone and if i get some issues back, then get an injection? would love to hear your thoughts when you have time. Thank you!

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